About Us

Herbana strives to guide our customers through their adventures in cannabis. Located in Ann Arbor, Lansing and Kalamazoo, our expert staff has been guiding people for years. We have curated a menu that has the best Michigan has to offer. We are constantly on the hunt for new products, so that you don’t have to search. Everyone has their ideal state of Herbana. Find yours today!

Our staff has searched high and low, in all the best cannabis grows, to bring you the widest selection of flower in the state. We have high potency and lower potency flower available as Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids. We also have great bulk pricing on half and full ounces.

Just starting your cannabis adventure? Edibles are a great place to start. We carry a wide variety of edibles with varying doses, so there’s always one that’s right for you.

For the more seasoned adventurer, you’ll find the best vapes and concentrates Michigan has to offer. We carry many affordable cart options, as well as solventless vapes. Do you dab your way through your adventure? We carry a variety of shatter, wax, hash, and live resin, so that you can summit your peak Herbana.

Stop by to chat with our staff, or order ahead for the fastest service in Michigan. Herbana’s the place to find your kind